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Bridgeway Sober Living is a supportive and dedicated facility offering a safe and comfortable transitional living program in Austin. We focus on helping individuals continuing with addiction recovery to achieve long-term sobriety. We provide serene holistic housing and transition residents into permanent independent substance-free life and get back to their healthy living.

What’s a transitional living program?

The transitional living program (TLP) is a temporary housing set up to provide stable and safe living accommodations to homeless individuals. The program is ideal for people who genuinely have no other resources. The TLP housing is generally for a limited period, which is between 2 weeks to 24 months stay. The transitional housing provides help to the individuals after a critical situation such as:

  • Homelessness
  • Domestic violence
  • Working homeless who are earning too little money to afford housing
  • Sober recovery for individuals who have completed an addiction treatment program

The residents receive support with employment issues, recovery from substance abuse, childcare, and other beneficial areas that help people get back on their feet. Generally, the large population of residents is the homeless youths or those on their drug addiction recovery process. The program offers multiple benefits to the residents and the community at large.

Benefits of a transitional living program

Many individuals experiencing homelessness or addiction recovery challenges face severe threats to their well-being, health, family, and communities. The good news is that our services will mitigate problems associated with homelessness and substance abuse.

A transitional living home provides a supportive environment where individuals with the same goals live together to gain knowledge and tools to live a healthy and happy life. Are you wondering where you can get a safe and supportive transitional living program in Austin? Worry no more because if you join our professional and honest home, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Effortless recovery and long-term sobriety
  • Prevention of diseases
  • Life skills and self-esteem
  • Employment assistance
  • Psychological assessments and mental health services etc.

Top-rated transitional living program in addiction recovery

Each of our transitional homes (both men’s and women’s) are set out expressly for addiction healing and recovery, with heedfulness going into every detail. Our clients have everything they need, from the highest quality amenities, holistic services, and house supplies. All you need upon admission is food and toiletries.

Our friendly staff is dedicated to guide and support our clients through their healing and recovery mission as well as social reintegration. Our world-class homes are within walking distance to public transportation, gym, Premier Austin YMCA, and other neighborhoods.

Join a world-class transitional living home

We take pride in delivering the most extensive, secure, hearty, and phenomenal transitional living program in Austin. If you’ve been wondering about getting a safe place for, we’re the best home you’ll ever live in to achieve your recovery objective.

Are you or someone you loves completing substance abuse treatment and don’t have a sober place to support the hard-earned recovery? Contact Bridgeway Sober Living and join our world-class home for successful and impervious long-term sobriety.

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