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Addicts may not want to check into rehab because they do not like the idea of spending part of the life inside a cage. Rehab has restrictions that liken those of prison. The only difference is that rehab has amenities and services that cater to the client’s mental and emotional wellbeing during recovery. The facility also has outpatient programs to help patients who cannot withstand the confinement of inpatient programs.

Which programs are suitable for your state? A person who desires an outpatient program may not have enough preparation for freedom. An inpatient client is, however, viable to start an outpatient rehab in Parker CO if they complete the inpatient treatment. 

Inpatient rehab


The National Institute of Drug Abuse recommends a stay of three months for inpatient clients. Most people do not require the full amount of days. The length of each visit, however, depends on the individual’s needs. The doctor may cut short the original length if the patient recovers fast enough. The opposite is exact for patients who need extra care, such as ones with an extended history of drug use.

Benefits of inpatient programs

  • The rehabilitation facility provides full-time supervision. You will not be alone at any level, from the detox to the therapy sessions.
  • The facility has a community of residents who are battling the same problems
  • The program’s intensity will help you recover faster than you may while undertaking an outpatient treatment program
  • Inpatient programs are free of the worries of daily life; hence you can focus on the set programs 

Cons of inpatient programs

  • The program does not allow patients to leave and return as they please
  • The structured environment may be too harsh if you do not want a timetable of when to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and other activities
  • You will need to put a break to your life and get a leave from work to attend the program
  • The facility will need to know about your wishes of a child’s care while you undergo treatment
  • May insurers shy away from covering inpatient rehab treatments 

Outpatient rehab programs

Outpatient rehab in Parker CO offers many of the same services as inpatient programs. The difference is that patients can get the service by reporting from their homes. Some plans are non-committal enough to require less than three hours of your day.


NIDA recommends a minimum of ninety days in the outpatient program. The length may, however, vary if the patient chooses between the different types of the program.

Benefits of outpatient treatment

  • They have a structure that allows you to continue with your usual life
  • Counseling sessions usually happen during the weekend; hence you can attend work or school
  • You can practice the lessons from the program in your everyday life
  • Many outpatient programs include family sessions. The experiences help provide a better support network
  • Outpatient programs are more affordable 


  • You risk relapsing
  • Distractions could delay success
  • You do not have to create healthy, helpful bonds with a team that supports your recovery process after rehab
  • You do not have enough time to understand your psyche through therapy

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