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Holistic Sober Living in Downtown/Central Austin

We know that the environment is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to becoming healthy. 

Our Facilities

At Hickory Wind Ranch, we are committed to empowering and supporting our guests on their continued journeys of recovery and self-actualization. As a premiere holistic recovery facility, we pride ourselves on providing services and tools that go above and beyond the traditional approach, truly supporting the whole individual: mind, body, and spirit.

From offering the most convenient and vibrant locations, to selecting world-class staff, to forming meaningful connections with everyone who walks through our doors, we have spared no expense to make sure that our guests are fully supported.

a map of sober living accommodations

Caswell House

Mary House

  • An image of the front of St Mary House
  • A twin bedroom in St Mary House
  • A double bedroom at St Mary House
  • The kitchen in St Mary House
  • The living area in St Mary House

Montclaire House

  • The front door at Montclaire House
  • An image of the front garden/area of Montclaire House
  • A table and chairs outside the front of Montclaire House
  • The lounge area in Montclaire House
  • The kitchen at Montclaire House
  • The dining table in Montclaire House
  • An image of the staircase in Montclaire House
  • The corridor going through Montclaire House

Journey Within

Improving relationship to others

What Makes Hickory Wind Ranch Sober Living Unique

Our beautiful facilities combine the luxuries of a retreat with the comforts of home to create a grounded, safe, nurturing environment for recovery and deep healing. We offer a variety of amenities including: highly skilled staff, men’s and women’s facilities, housekeeping service, two weekly house meetings, a health club membership, weekly breath-work sessions, CrossFit classes, trail hikes, and so much more.

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