Sober Living Cedar Park, TX

In our 60+ years of collective experience in the recovery world, we have noticed that one of the shortcomings of traditional approaches to recovery is the lack of support when it comes to integrating back into society. When a recently rehabilitated individual doesn’t feel supported by their environment, they are more likely to slip back into old habits and even relapse.

At Hickory Wind Ranch Sober Living, we are here to make the transition as easy and seamless as possible to ensure a lasting and regenerative recovery. In addition to providing an optimal transition environment that supports the multi-dimensional nature of every individual, we also equip our guests with powerful holistic integration tools, empowering them to create healthy habits and coping mechanisms that will help keep them on track for years to come.

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Sober Living
Cedar Park, TX

People come to 78704 Sober Living in Cedar Park at different stages in their recovery with different needs. For those reasons we have created a multi-level system to meet our clients needs where they are in their recovery.

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ATX Mentor Network
Cedar Park, TX

We believe that there are three keys to a lasting recovery—healing, connection, and integration. Weekly recovery support, job support, and referrals to employers that 78704 Sober Living has established relationships with, life skills, and more.

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Austin Amenities Cedar Park, TX

Located near downtown, weekly house meetings, Health Club Membership, CrossFit Classes, UA testing, monthly maid service, life skills, recovery support, airport pickup, pet friendly, and both Mens and Woman’s Houses.

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