Hickory Wind Ranch is one of the premier Austin sober living houses with gender-specific accommodations, fully furnished rooms, and monthly maid service. Located in proximity to downtown Austin, trails, entertainment, and other local amenities, our Texas sober homes offer the best environment for recovering addicts after inpatient therapy. Here are some of the benefits of joining our sober living in Austin, TX:

1. Budget-friendly prices

Our Austin TX sober living house is one of the pioneer facilities to offer gender-specific premium homes near downtown Austin, unique recovery programs, professional assistance, etc. Our fully-furnished transitional living in Austin, TX, costs as low as $995/month, and this price includes amenities, utilities, rent, wellness sessions and classes, and access to mentors. Our goal is to offer the best quality for fair prices so that more people can enrol in our program.

2. ATX Mentor Network

We have a vast network of mentors, coaches, and healers who connect with our guests for 30 uninterrupted minutes and share their knowledge and wisdom. Our ATX network encompasses some of the country’s successful entrepreneurs, highly sought-after industry experts, and unique talents who play an integral role in helping our guests find their life’s purpose. Since recovering addicts feel clueless after returning from several months of rehab treatment, our hand-picked team of mentors acts as a source of inspiration, providing valuable guidance, so they can get their lives back on track.

3. Modern amenities and wellness programs

Holistic recovery comprises several aspects: physical wellness, emotional stability, mental fitness, and spiritual enhancement. As one of the premier Texas sober living communities, we focus on all these areas to equip our guests with essential life skills and tools for a happy, gratifying, and healthy life. By arranging and conducting trail hikes, two weekly house meetings, breath-work sessions, CrossFit classes, and sessions with our ATX mentor network, we help residents adapt to an independent and active lifestyle one day at a time. We also offer comfortable accommodations, housekeeping service, fully furnished rooms, and other upscale amenities to provide you with a tranquil environment for healing and recovery.

4. Recovery support services

We do not just offer a safe and secure living arrangement, but also aim to reinforce your commitment to sobriety with our recovery support services. Some of the support programs we offer include the ATX Mentor Network, weekly house meetings, CrossFit sessions, breath-work therapy, health club membership, trail hikes, etc.

5. Accountability 

Relapse accidents are common in recovering addicts in the initial months after leaving a rehab facility due to a lack of accountability and a support system. As a leading sober living home, we create accountability with bi-weekly house meetings, regular drug testing, and other house rules, which enable our residents to stay focused on sobriety.

Don’t let all those months of hard work at rehab go to waste. Call Hickory Wind Ranch at 512 598 5165 to move into one of our Austin sober living houses. We are a high-end sober living facility with an experienced staff team and modern amenities.

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