Hickory Wind Ranch is one of the leading Austin sober living homes with state-of-the-art amenities, the best mentorship network, weekly support groups, job support programs, and various other facilities. Our budget-friendly sober living homes provide our guests with a conducive environment where they can focus on fixing broken relationships, finding employment, and reset life after rehab.

How much does it cost to stay at a sober living home?

The price of staying at one of the Texas sober homes can vary depending upon the type of facility you choose, the level of care necessary, the amenities available, etc. The cost of stay at a transitional living in Austin, TX, can range between $450 and $10,000 per month.

As one of the top Austin, TX, sober living facilities, we charge our guests as low as $995 a month, which includes all the amenities, bills, rent, classes, mentorship, and wellness sessions. By providing our sober living at economical prices, we allow more people to join the program and help them focus on finding a job, searching for a place to live, and fixing broken relationships.

What type of recovery support programs do sober living houses provide?

Every Sober living in Austin, TX, has its own set of recovery and ongoing care programs. As one of the pioneer Texas sober living communities, we have an ATX Mentor Network encompassing some of the pioneers in their respective fields, including successful entrepreneurs, who act as mentors, guides, and coaches for our guests.

Our housemates get 30 minutes of uninterrupted sessions with these professionals, who guide, encourage, and motivate residents towards finding their purpose in life. Besides, we conduct CrossFit sessions, breath-work classes, along with two weekly support groups to help our guests make the most out of their stay at our sober living facility.

What are some of the typical house rules in a sober living facility?

Sober living homes offer more independence than what you have experienced at a rehab center but encompass some house rules. These can vary from one facility to another. Some of the most common house rules include:

  • Drug testing – You will have to maintain complete sobriety in a sober living home. Violating this rule can cause you to lose privileges or even expel you from the program.
  • House meetings – Attending weekly house meetings is mandatory. These provide residents with an opportunity to work through grievances with fellow housemates, share recovery stories, etc.
  • Curfews – You must be home before a specific time every day. However, if you have an unavoidable commitment at school or work that prevents you from abiding by this house rule, the management may waive this rule for you under certain conditions.

Reach Hickory Wind Ranch at 512 598 5165 to join one of our Austin sober living homes. We offer comfortable accommodation with a friendly and supportive team of staff at the lowest price. Our well-maintained halfway houses can provide you with a stress-free environment, where you can heal and recover with peer support and the best level of care you can get.

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