Hickory Wind Ranch is a high-end Austin recovery home with the best recovery programs and an experienced staff and mentors team. By providing recovering addicts with a home-like environment and resort-like amenities, we nurture them in a safe, fun-filled, and supportive environment conducive to sustainable recovery.

How to prevent relapse after recovery from addiction?

Many recovering addicts relapse in the initial year after they complete residential rehab. If you are worried about triggers, cravings, or stressors of the outside world, you can always find solace and support at one of the Texas sober living communities.

Transitional living in Austin, TX, is a type of living arrangement that creates accountability, structure and allows you to reset your life through sober fellowship. Attending ongoing care programs or recovery support programs, staying close to family, and avoiding people, and situations reminding you of old addiction days can prevent relapse after addiction treatment.

Role of sober living homes in your recovery journey

Joining one of the Texas sober homes can provide a combination of independence and structure at the same time, which can help you readjust to the outside world one day at a time. Sober living facilities provide job assistance, career counseling, and weekly meetings, all of which promote financial independence and self-sustainability.

Staying at one of these facilities can help recovering addicts use their time to find a new place to live and make amends with family, friends, and loved ones to fix broken relationships. Joining an Austin, TX, sober living can help you prevent relapse and equip you with all the critical skills to lead a happy, healthy, and successful life.

What makes us the best recovery home in Austin?

We understand how recovery doesn’t end with inpatient treatment and continues several months after you step into the outside world. By enrolling in our transitional housing program, you can continue your recovery journey in our safe, supportive, and trigger-free environment. Here are some of the top qualities making us a premier sober living in Austin, TX:

  1. ATX mentor network – We have a vast network of accomplished entrepreneurs, successful professionals, and unique talents who act as mentors and coaches for our guests. 
  2. A comprehensive range of services at affordable prices – At just $995 a month, our residents have access to housekeeping service, CrossFit classes, trail hikes, a health club membership, separate men’s and women’s facilities, and so much more. As you focus on regaining financial independence, we provide a whole array of high-end services at prices you can afford.
  3. Recovery support services – Recovery does not end with providing you with a stable environment. It also involves using the right tools to help you heal, reintegrate, and adapt to the outside world. We conduct house meetings, breath-work sessions, fitness classes, etc., to help our guests attain comprehensive recovery and improved wellness. 

Do not leave your recovery journey to chance; call Hickory Wind Ranch today at 512 598 5165 to speak to an addiction specialist. Hickory Wind Ranch is a leading Austin recovery home with modern amenities and a variety of wellness programs to improve our guests’ physical and emotional well-being.

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