Hickory Wind Ranch is a preeminent Austin halfway house with the finest accommodation, modern amenities, a compassionate staff team, and the best mentor network and wellness programs. 

Do I need to stay at a Halfway house?

Staying at a halfway house may be crucial if you have recently completed a residential treatment program and look for some level of structure to help you stay focused on sobriety. Halfway houses offer the ideal environment for those who lack a proper support system in the outside world.

As a leading halfway house, we make sure that your months of hard work at a rehab facility don’t go to waste, as we promote stability, sobriety, and progress. By helping residents get a job, find a place to live, fix broken relationships, and develop a fresher outlook on life, we help them rebuild their lives in the outside world after rehab.

Our recovery support programs

As one of the best-ranked halfway houses in Texas, we offer various support programs to make our guests’ stay at our facility more fruitful. Our ATX Mentor Network allows our residents to book 30 uninterrupted minutes with accomplished entrepreneurs and successful talents around the country. 

These sessions offer our residents a chance to learn about things that interest them and open new doors and opportunities. We also provide breath-work sessions, which clears stagnant energies and restores our guests’ physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

What to consider when choosing a halfway house in Austin?

A sober living home will be your temporary haven until you feel confident to live independently in the outside world. When considering sober living in Austin, TX, it is important to look for the following qualities:

  • Safe, fully-furnished, and comfortable accommodation – You want to live in a stress-free and comfortable environment, free from any triggers to help you heal and recover from your traumatic memories and addiction. Our Austin TX sober living offers a calming, stable, and comfortable space for our guests, where they can focus on finding a job and rebuilding their lives after rehab.
  • Offers structured living with house rules – While you need independence after several months of residential rehab treatment, you shouldn’t opt for complete freedom as it can put you at risk for relapse. Your goal should be to join a transitional living in Austin, TX, creating accountability, structure, and enabling you to recover in sober fellowship. We are one of the Texas sober living communities with an excellent ATX Mentor Network and optimization and integration programs, solidifying our guests’ commitment to sobriety.
  • Regular drug testing and mentorship programs – This is an important criterion to look out for when searching for transitional homes. Make sure to join one of our Texas sober homes that conduct regular testing to ensure their sobriety. Making your recovery journey less unpleasant and a lot more liberating is what we aim for. We achieve that with our inspiring living environment, a staff of entrepreneurs, and weekly support groups.

Speak to one of us at Hickory Wind Ranch at 512 598 5165 to seek the help you need or get your loved one into the best Austin halfway house before it’s too late. 

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