Former residents in low-quality sober living homes are the only reason most people need to steer clear of these facilities. The indigent treatment system gains terrible reviews when it fails in service delivery, quality assurance, professional education, and financing.

Research by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs monitored 300 sober living residents over an 18-month phase. The study affirmed that social and environmental factors are vital in supporting the most healthy addiction recovery. They also noted that the space offered significant relief to psychiatric problems and helped improve employment chances. We aim to build a recovery space at the transitional living in Austin TX, that touches on health, purpose, home, and the community.

Why is it essential to go through addiction sober living in Austin?


A lack of structure fuels substance abuse because one is likely to give in to the mind and body’s lower cravings. Our sober living in Austin TX has a daily schedule to offer consistency and a foundation for building an entirely new healthy coping system.


Stability and safety are essential survival skills around the world. Many people share a deep need to rise above the poverty line and rampant violence, hence work tirelessly to get in the best neighborhoods. The Hickory Wind Ranch is the type of recovery home with a laid back luxe atmosphere.

Additional recovery support

It is pointless to join a sober living home without well-rounded support for your transition to everyday life. We have coaches, education, and volunteer programs that address every need of the human mind. Texas sober living communities aim to support continued sobriety by allowing patients traveling the same healthy journey to access our state-of-the-art sober living home.


It is not difficult to stay in the treatment facility when you start noticing your resilience against drugs. The Austin TX sober living facility quickly gets you ready for the real temptations in the world. The best part of the journey is exposing you to the thoughts that drag you back to addiction.

You will put in the effort instead of lazing around so the staff can push your day. We have enough learning tools and programs to increase your chances of a comfortable mental healing process. Was your home a mess when you picked up the addiction problem? The sober living home forces you to clean the house and enforces enough consistency for the habit to transfer to your ordinary life back home.


Early recovery is a lonely and traumatic time. You will be at an exciting stage of letting go of old habits and circles while relearning new ways of showing up in the world. The hardest part is because it is unlikely you have any experience with creating a unique pattern. However, the dark phase is easy because our Texas sober homes counselors know how to balance friendship and professionalism to shed the old you without guilt.

Do you believe you deserve a healthy and happy life? Call our specialist on 512 598 5165 before it is too late to get on the right track.

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