About Our Program at Hickory Wind Ranch Sober Living

We are here to support you as you overcome your addictions, find your purpose, optimize your life, and integrate back into your everyday in an inspired and more aligned manner.

Family Values

We are a team and a family whose mission is to serve people on their path of healing and recovery.  We started this business because we continue to experience tremendous healing both personally and through the community.  We believe that no one lacks anything to live a full, whole, connected life. Everyone that chooses to stay with us has all the talent they will ever need to be successful in their lives.  Our focus at Hickory Wind Ranch Sober Living is the Body, Mind, Spirit.  These are the trifecta of our sober living program. It’s why every resident gets personal access to private gyms, outdoor group fitness, and more. We care about our residents’ dreams, purpose, and mission.  We’ll empower you to create a plan that will help you get and stay in momentum.

What is Optimization?

Optimization is the action of making the most effective use of your resources, or as we like to call it, being in a state of flow. When you’re living in an optimized state, you feel purposeful, fulfilled, inspired, creatively aligned with your unique passions, and excited about life.

At Hickory Wind Ranch Sober Living, we are committed to helping you optimize your recovery and your integration back into the outside world. We endeavour to impart you with powerful tools to connect you with yourself, others, and the world around you in new and inspiring ways. That means ensuring that all parts of your being are supported and empowered—body, mind, and soul.

We know that overcoming addiction can seem daunting but we also know that through optimization, it’s possible to find ease and flow within the healing process. We’re here to help you remember your innermost truth so that when your time with us is up, you have a clear vision of who you are, why you are, and how you can contribute to the world in this new optimal way, in alignment with your gifts and your purpose on this planet. We hope to have the honor of guiding you as you embark on your journey from surviving to thriving.


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