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Sober Living in Austin, TX. A multi-level system to meet our clients needs where they are in their recovery

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Sober Living

People come to Hickory Wind Ranch Sober Living at different stages in their recovery with different needs. For those reasons we have created a multi-level system to meet our clients needs where they are in their recovery.


We connect our residents with our talented team of being True To You trained Recovery Coaches to support them in having more accountability, consistency, goal setting and personalized attention during their stay at any of our homes.


Located near downtown, weekly house meetings, Health Club Membership, CrossFit Classes, UA testing, monthly maid service, life skills, recovery support, airport pickup, pet friendly, and both Mens and Woman’s Houses.

Hickory Wind Ranch Recovery in Austin, TX

We care deeply about what’s next for you. Our greatest passion is in helping you come home to your inner truth, tap into your gifts, and live a joyous life of purpose. We therefore offer a highly customized experience that caters to your specific needs and prepares you to step into the next chapter of your life with ease, grace, and a newfound zest for life!

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We Work With Your Budget

We go above and beyond the traditional approaches to recovery and provide you with invaluable tools that empower you to be the best version of yourself today and always.

An Upscale Sober Living Experience in Austin


For those seeking sober living and recovery in Austin, Texas, at Hickory Wind Ranch Sober Living, we have seen firsthand the transformative effects of our healing environment as part of a sustainable and regenerative recovery process. 

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“I came to Hickory Wind Ranch straight from treatment with three weeks sobriety. I was scared, raw and without tools to live life on life’s terms. However, when I walked through the door of the women’s house a sense of ease came over me. Here was a healing space where I felt safe and protected. The house manager welcomed me with open arms saying, “we already love you.” The women in the house seemed to genuinely care for one another with no strings attached. As a chronic drug abuser, this was something I was not used to. These women made it easy for me to learn how to trust and love. Though I hadn’t realized it, I was craving what Hickory Wind Ranch had to offer: community, structure and guidance.”

Samantha Grayson

San Marcos

A Sober Living Program You Can Trust

Is the perfect place to recover, as our close-knit community, highly-refined program, and creative atmosphere provide the necessary elements needed for recovery.

No Hidden Fees

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Experienced Staff

Team of experts to ensure the best recovery possible  


Prime Location

We are located in the heart of Austin, TX. 

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